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 Wayne Guidici

Vice President
 Mark Maltagliati

Rec Secretary
 Mark Reitdorf

Financial Secretary
 Mike Hughey

 Tom Betti

 One Year
 Ron Delucchi
 Gary Leone
 Don Accornero
 Joe Ursini
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 Alan Del Simone
 Dan Pasquini
 Bill Miller
 Ed Wiederholt



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RICHMOND GALILEO CLUB Application Guideline


Thank you for your desire to belong to the finest Italian-American social club in the East-Bay. Your application will be processed and voted upon as quickly as possible. Rush orders will take the same amount of time as regular applications. Please be patient! There are steps which need to be adhered to, which will help to avoid mistakes & delays.

1. Your sponsor, a brother Galilean, is responsible for handling your application.
Please be sure that the application is filled out correctly and completely. Submit the proper amount of Imitation fees and yearly dues, with your application, to your sponsor. He will submit it to the Financial Secretary.
2. The Financial Secretary will check the application for accuracy and then establish a file. He will then present the application to the Board of Directors at the next board meeting for review.
3. The Board of Directors will review each application and sigh off their approval. Your sponsor should be in attendance at this meeting. If the Board denies an application, all money collected would be returned. If approved, the applicants file is returned to the Financial Secretary who will then present your application, to be voted upon, at the next General Membership meeting.
4. If approved by the membership, a welcome letter will be sent to you with an invitation and date of initiation. Your initiation normally takes place at a membership meeting where you will be welcomed by all members in attendance. You will receive a membership card and a booklet of our constitution and by-laws. Each month thereafter, you will receive our newsletter listing our events and activities.
Our e-mail notices will keep you up to date with reminders and special events.

We hope that these guidelines help answer any questions you might have about our membership process. If you have any other concerns, please contact any officer or board member or you can e-mail us at;


The Membership Application can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.


or call--> 510-620-9797

Club location Yelp Yelp Richmond Galileo Club
371 South 23rd St. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 620-9797